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Opening Hours For Both Clinics (Ipswich / Colchester)

Monday9:00am - 4.30pm
Tuesday9:00am - 4.30pm
Wednesday9:00am - 4.30pm
Friday9:00am - 4.30pm
Saturday9:00am - 12.30pm


Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays




Treatments at the Chinese Medical Centre



In both our Ipswich and Colchester Clinics we offer the following three major treatments:



Acupuncture is a form of treatment involving insertion of thin steel needles which stimulate vital energy points. Its aim is to regulate the channels of energy, re-establish the energy balance and to relieve pain.


We only use disposable needles.


Herbal treatment includes dry herbs to be taken as tea, herbs in tabled form, powders and lotions. These are prescribed on diagnosis to improve general condition of the patient and to correct the body’s imbalance.


Acupressure is Chinese medical massage, using manipulative movements and varying degrees of pressure on special areas to correct imbalances, relax spams, relieve pain and achieve harmony in the body’s system.



A number of ailments may be treated with a combination of these three treatments. Please read the list of treated ailments to find out more. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Colchester or Ipswich acupuncture clinics for further information.