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Opening Hours For Both Clinics (Ipswich / Colchester)

Monday9:00am - 4.30pm
Tuesday9:00am - 4.30pm
Wednesday9:00am - 4.30pm
Friday9:00am - 4.30pm
Saturday9:00am - 12.30pm


Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays




Popular Chinese Medicine Products


These are popular products, but we stock many more, including a large selection of dried herbs.



Ginseng: The ancient herb with dozens of benefits


Ginseng Extract - Chinese Medicine



Ear Candles: Supports the good health of your ears



Feiyan Tea: Pure herbal tea ideal for slimming. It also helps improve bowel movements.




Suihan's Brush Lotion: Sexual herbal lotion used as a male function enhancer.